How I got into submarines
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Subject: How I got into submarines

I can attribute my initial desire to be a submariner to 3 people.they are,in no particular order,Clark Gable,Burt Lancaster,&my dad.To my knowlege all of these folks were NQPs,but it was them who introduced me to submarines & sparked my interest that would lead to a 20 year ride that I will never forget or regret. In 1958 my dad took me to see the film RUN SILENT RUN DEEP which I consider the most powerfull "shipover flic"of all time.The dvd is one of my most prized possessions.While on a fishing trip with my dad to the upper penninsula of Michigan I witnessed the last voyage of the captured German U-boat U-505 as she passed through the straights of Macanaw at Saulte st. Marie(sp?)on her way to Chicago.Thanks Clark,Burt,&Dad.I'll be forever gratefull for your guidance. MAD DOG