How I volunteered for subs..
Lee Davenport
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Subject: How I volunteered for subs..

I joined the U.S. Navy in Jan 1952. During recruit training, at San Diego, I went, along with all my recruit company, to be interviewed as to what I wanted to strike for. About the only work I had ever done, was on heavy machinery. IE. Bulldozers, Earth movers, etc.. The interviewer was a Chief Radioman. I told him I wanted to be a SeaBee and he told me they were going to give me a test and do the best I could on it. I couldn't figure out what a code test had to do with being a SeaBee, but I took the test and wound up in RM school at San Diego. (While waiting for my class at RM school, they put a whole bunch of us on a Destroyer Tender somewhere around San Diego and we worked around the shipyard every day. The food there, boot camp and school command was terrible.) Back then, they had what they called "returnable quotas". If you came to school from a ship, you returned to that ship after school. My bunk mate was a SN off a San Diego Sub.. (I don't remember which one, except it had not been converted to GUPPY. One sunday he took a few of us down to "His Boat". After seeing it and being treated to all the steak we could eat, we all volunteered for subs...

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Subject: RE: How I volunteered for subs..

Joined Navy in 1954. Did Boot camp in San Diego then I.C. Electrician school. One day they asked if anyone was interested in Subs. If yes you got a day off from school to go to a Tender for pressure testing and then more testing. Last I remember I graduated from I.C. school and had orders for New London to Sub school then another school, Advanced Electricial. Then Norfork,VA USS Orian to the Grampus.