Why Submarines?
COB SS-424
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Subject: Why Submarines?

I might well have been the only Kidd in the 5th grade who knew that he wanted to ride The Boats. I read a book called 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by the French Novelist and Visionary, Jules Verne--and he hooked me, clean through both gills! I knew then that I would join the Navy ASAP and if they would have me, I'd ride Submarines. (Of course Verne didn't say that I'd be hopping gravities and 'pearl diving' the Sanitary Tanks--but even that did not discourage me. I managed to ride 7 Smoke Boats and (wonder of wonders) they even let me be COB of my last one!
Lee Davenport
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Subject: RE: Why Submarines?

Quillback (SS424 was my qual boat. I was in the re-commissioning crew in 1953, and qualified that same year..... Are you on our mailing list for reunions?