Timing is everything
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Subject: Timing is everything

I enlisted in Dec 57 and went thru boot at Great Lakes. The career advisor (remember him?) looked at my record and asked if I knew Herk Wise. I told him I bowled with Herk and that he was still doing well. The advisor had me take his name and tell Herk to call; I relayed that message on boot leave. Turned out they'd been shipmates on a cruiser in WWII.

The advisor then had me sent to sonar school at Key West, saying this was a coming rating and my scores supported it. The school was destroyer-oriented and not too hard. At-sea phases on PC's and DE's were part of the course. The top two people in each class were allowed to ask for submarines or helicopter duty. I was #2 (never could catch that guy).

One evening I was strolling down the line of submarines and decided to ask for a walk-thru. I picked Trumpetfish (SS425) and asked the topside watch if a walk-thru could be arranged. A few minutes later a third-class sonarman popped up and took me through the boat. It looked tight but clean and interesting.... the crews mess had a movie going... the after engine room had a couple of snipes cleaning up after an inspection plate got loose and filled the place with soot... a guy in maneuvering was under instruction on sticks...

It didn't look bad to me, so I applied. TBTG, I was accepted and headed for New London after graduation.

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