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At random: USS SKATE and USS SEADRAGON, after affecting a historic rendezvous under the ice, surfaced together at the North Pole through an opening in the ice on August 1962.
Roy Ator Passed

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Don Gentry
Posted 2017-07-20 8:39 AM (#84471 - in reply to #84434)


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Location: Renton, WA
Subject: Obituary link
Posted 2017-07-21 8:01 AM (#84485 - in reply to #84434)
Master and Commander

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Subject: RE: Roy Ator Passed

I think some of you do not use Facebook.  I thought you might like this post from Robin and took the liberty of reposting it here.

5-6-33 to 7-16-17
It's been 5 days and I really do not know where to begin. So so many people have reached out, from all over the world to offer their condolences. Some of which only knew him through cyberspace, but that didn't stop them from becoming friends with, and admiring my dad.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the thoughts prayers and kind words!!!!

When mom passed five years ago we'd had 14 years of illness and 7 weeks in hospice so that gave us a little time to adjust and prepare. While dad had been hospitalized twice this year, he bounced back so much healthier and stronger each time. Sunday was probably one of his best days in a long time. He showed no signs of distress, was energetic and happy. I'm so fortunate to of spent most of the day with him, but it turned bad and in just a matter of minutes he was gone. I know there is absolutely nothing I could have done to bring him back but I tried. For the first time in my life I went against his own wishes, I violated the out of hospital DNR he had, and I tried. God knows I tried, as did my brother when he arrived moments later. In the end, dad was just tired and ready to go be with mom. I know this but it doesn't make it any easier to let him go.

My father was rather unique in that I've never known anyone who disliked him for any reason. While there have been a few folks along the way who may not of agreed with him on some things, he would still be the first one they would turn to when sound advice was needed. He was just impossible to dislike as his personality was quite charming and he always seemed to think things through before responding or taking any kind of action on anything in life. He had such a loving and giving nature!
My very first driving experience was at the age of 9 and he needed me to help feed the cows during a bitter cold winter. I couldn't lift the hay bales, so he taught me to drive the old standard farm truck so he could toss the hay bales out. That day, he said something to me, that he repeated many times as I became a young adult. "Engage clutch before shifting gears!"

To this day, that remains my favorite quote as those 5 words speak volumes and are exactly how he lived his life.(I've even had it as part of my Facebook profie from the day I set this page up.) I am sure that is why he was so admired and had the lifelong friendships he did. Even though I sometimes struggle at doing it, Daddy never failed to engage the clutch before responding to anything. He always thought things through and never, ever made a rash decision.
Letting go is so very difficult and would of been much easier had he been a tyrant, but that wasn't the case and he never failed to let me know how much he loved me and how proud he was of the woman I have become. As a veteran's advocate, I am considered an expert on veteran issues and assistance in my area. Truth be known, he was the expert and taught me everything I know about serving our veteran community. My heart aches that I will no longer be able to share my daily experiences with him.

I don't know if there were ever a father/daughter pair that were any closer than he and I. While I was the youngest of the children, I was his only girl, and our bond was special. I loved my mom dearly, but daddy was always my go to for everything in life. Be it advice, money, a hug or just someone to sit and listen while I vented. He was the best listener in the world and always seemed to know if I just needed him to listen or needed feedback. He would always stop whatever he was doing, no matter what it was, and just focus on what I was babbling about. That is what I will miss the most! In theses days of electronic devices and cell phones you just don't get that kind of personal attention anymore but I always did from him, even up to the day he died.
I knew the day would come when he would leave us as he missed my mom so very very much. I just didn't think it would happen this soon but life goes on and all I can do is continue to be the person he raised me to be and continue making him proud with everything I do.

Sorry for rambling on, I guess I just needed to get it out of my system.

Edited by Gil 2017-07-21 4:23 PM
Posted 2017-07-21 10:27 AM (#84491 - in reply to #84485)


Posts: 7451

Location: Upper lefthand corner of the map.
Subject: RE: Roy Ator Passed

Thanks Gil
I'm one of those No Facebookers, so thanks again.
Sid Harrison
Posted 2017-07-23 1:15 PM (#84505 - in reply to #84434)

Great Sage of the Sea

Posts: 571

Location: Colton, NY
Subject: RE: Roy Ator Passed

Sometime around 1997 after a lengthy exchange of sea-stories on
Martinis board I received an email from Roy Ator that he had  "a belly
full of scotch" and had read something I had posted and commented on
it. That was my first contact with him.

We exchanged many emails after that on a variety of subjects.  During
the big ice storm of 1998 that knocked out the power from Lake Ontario
to Maine   (our phone line, for some strange reason, stayed functional)
and Roy called me one night after my cousin Bob posted the number on
Martini's board. Just to check that I was OK.

I will miss his late night emails.

So many from that time period are now gone.  Time sure flies.

RIP Roy.

Sid Harrison
Don Gentry
Posted 2017-07-27 10:41 PM (#84537 - in reply to #84434)


Posts: 1987

Location: Renton, WA
Subject: RE: Roy Ator Passed

Just heard from Robin - hopefully she will be able to post shortly!!  

Posted 2017-07-28 7:35 AM (#84540 - in reply to #84485)
Master and Commander

Posts: 1611

Location: Boydton, Virginia
Subject: RE: Roy Ator Passed

Spoken from your heart, Robin. A very eloquent tribute from a much loved daughter. Roy would be touched, I am sure.

Steamboat sends
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